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Who are we?

The AML App is developed in cooperation with Attensi AS and lawyers in the law firm Erling Grimstad on behalf of AML Compliance AS. 


AML Compliance AS is a Norwegian company founded by Erling Grimstad. The company is one of the first legal tech companies in Norway. The mission of AML Compliance is to provide anti-money laundering competence to employees in obliged entities all over Europe in an innovative, simple and engaging way. The content of the app is developed and kept updated by the law firm Erling Grimstad. 


The law firm Erling Grimstad is an innovative firm specialized in anti money laundering, data protection (GDPR), investigation and anti-corruption. Our aim is to assists entities to develop a culture of compliance. The law firm assists entities to comply with complex regulatory frameworks and efforts to protect the entity from the risks of money laundering, corruption and fraud. 


The law firm has extensive experience in assisting obliged entities with challenges related to anti-money laundering all over Europe. The firm has assisted numerous obliged entities, as retail banking, electronic money issuers, money remitters, trade finance providers, investment firms, providers of investment funds, crowdfunding platforms, payment initiation service providers (PIPs), account information service providers (AISPs), currency exchange offices, corporate finance, insurance firms, other financial institutions, auditing and accounting firms, law firms and real estate firms, including top ten global financial institutions. 

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