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Train your people for the

risks that comes next.


This is the AML app - a thorough and scalable anti-money laundering and counter terrorist financing training made simple, engaging and competitive.  The app is made in collaboration with the law firm Erling Grimstad and Attensi.

The regulations on preventing money laundering and terrorist financing provides strict requirements and high risks of non-compliance. We believe that the key to compliance requires sufficient competence at all levels of the organisation.


The AML App provides for a solid understanding of the requirements and what is expected of the employees and the entity.


Empower your employees to become experts in detecting money laundering and terrorist financing.

The risks for money laundering and terrorist financing is 

constantly changing


The AML App provides for AML Certification in the Palm of Your hand. The app provides for scalable and updated training for all employees in the entity. The training is especially made for obliged entities in the EU, including the UK, Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein. The AML App have several features, as:

  • An active form of training where the employees are triggered and motivated to repeat the training 

  • The material is brought to life with interactive challenges where employees can 'talk' to virtual customers and colleagues in dynamic scenarios designed to prepare them for real life AML challenges

  • Detailed summaries of your team's progress - see where they excel and where they get stuck, including documentation of the completed mandatory training for the employees

  • Encourage some friendly competition and motivate your colleagues with live leaderboards, scoring and battle mode

  • Users find information for answering the tasks and can read along the way towards the completion. 

  • Remotely training, wherever they are

  • All modules have been created, vetted and kept updated by anti-money laundering legal experts

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Gamified and interactive challenges to engage.


With the use of realistic scenarios and cut scenes, you can investigate suspicious activities and assist colleagues in onboarding new customers and conduct ongoing monitoring of customer activities. 



The AML App has influenced and changed our culture. The training shows employees how important anti-money laundering is for all functions of the bank. Particularly, employees on the credit side have become even more conscious of assessing and discussing the risk of anti-money laundering. The AML App has increased the understanding of risks and helped employees describe why the risk is high, medium or low.

Lena Jørundland

Vice President, Bien Sparebank


Some employees are triggered by competition and want to be at the top of the banks' leaderboard. This way of conducting training has obviously motivated some of our employees. Many employees also appreciate the opportunity to go back and repeat and use the content more or less as a reference for work. 

Aud Østerhus Oland

Money Laundering Reporting Officer, Jbf bank og forsikring


Some of the obliged entities using the AML App:.

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