Anti-money laundering certification in the palm of your hand

This is the AML app – a thorough and scalable anti-money laundering and counter terrorist financing training made simple, engaging and competitive.

Empower your employees to become experts in detecting money laundering and terrorist financing

The AML app provides employees with thorough AML/CFT training, developed by lawyers with theoretical and practical expertise within the field. The app is customized for obliged entities under the EU/EEA regulations on preventing money laundering and terrorist financing.

The training is adapted to different types of obliged entities, with tasks specifically developed for different entities as banks, real estate agents, insurance companies, lawyers, accountants, auditors and more. Employees are, among other things, trained in realistic scenarios where they can investigate suspicious activities, and assist colleagues in ongoing monitoring and onboarding of new customers. In addition, the AML app is scalable for your entities’ needs.

What does the users say?

  • Easy to use and highly relevant
  • Absolutely great
  • Diverse teaching methods, addressing all subject areas
  • Fun way to learn
  • Can be done anywhere and anytime
  • Even if the learning has a background in complicated legislation, the approach is a breeze
  • Makes learning a little more fun via games and competition
  • The competitive nature means that you are willing to repeat the training
  • Easier to learn and makes it more interesting
  • Educational, professionally good, entertaining and competitive element!
  • Creative and very informative! Fun to keep up with!
  • Varied training, covering all areas

Some of our customers

The AML app have several features, such as:


Remotely training

The AML app is an innovative training solution that allows users to participate in anti-money laundering courses remotely, making learning accessible from anywhere at anytime.


An active form of training

An active form of training where employees are triggered and motivated to complete the training.


Interactive challenges

Interactive challenges where employees can ‘talk’ to virtual customers and colleagues in dynamic scenarios designed to prepare them for real life AML/CFT challenges.


Detailed summaries

Detailed summaries of the team’s progress – see where they excel and where they get stuck.


Additional learning with short articles

Users find short articles about different AML/CFT topics and can read along the way towards the completion of the course.



With the engaging leaderboards and battle mode, employees can compete with each other.

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